I've always been fiercely multidisciplinary. Never satisfied with one medium, one approach, or one style, I thrive on expressing creativity across disciplines, and leading others through the process. From the focus and solitude of writing, to the rich collaboration and management of filmmaking, I have spent my career developing and executing a refined vision no matter what the ultimate form or scale. On this page, I've pulled together some sample work that reflects my diverse creative background and leadership.


Brand Guides

I developed these brand guides myself after a discovery phase with each client in which I evaluated their mission, vision, and values. I then crafted the identity usage guidelines, brand elements, typography families, color palettes, and wrote all descriptive copy. Click the download link below each thumbnail to view the full PDF of each guide, but please don't circulate them as they belong to my clients.



I created these logos to serve as the purest, most distinct expression of each brand. This selection covers a range of industries. Click each thumbnail for a full view.


Film & Video

In some ways the ultimate high-stress creative managerial challenge, I directed each of these film and video projects, beginning at concept and taking them through post-production to completion. I also wrote, produced, and edited in several cases. The first video is my reel, a montage of many projects. Watch fullscreen!


UI / UX + Copywriting

I architected and designed these web and mobile interfaces, and in some cases managed the IA process as well. I also wrote most of the custom copy.


Print etc.

I crafted this selection of print pieces, including documents, restaurant menus, business cards, posters, and icons.



To view my photography portfolio, which includes architecture, lifestyle, fashion, portraiture+headshots, and fine art, head over to this page on my site: adrianelliot.com/photographer


Want more?

This is just a selection of projects. Feel free to make a specific request!